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Our recently laid pitch is 3G and there are important guidelines for playing on it for players, officials, managers, coaches and physios. All teams using the facility must enforce these on the day.

Footwear Allowable on the Main Pitch and Five A-Side Courts. Never allow the use of metal spiked shoes on the surface. The use of flat sole shoes or
astro shoes/boots are not permitted as this will compact the infill and shorten the life of the surface. Always use boots with plastic or nylon studs or blades, screw-in nylon studs or football / hockey boots with moulded studs.

Metal studs are not permitted.

It is essential that all footwear is clean and that footwear guidance applies not just to players, but to referees, physios, managers and coaches.

People without correct footwear will not be allowed to enter either the Green playing area nor the Red run - off zone.

Other Guidelines
Any equipment such as cones and footballs should be clean and free from soil deposits. Players using adhesive tapes should not allow tapes to be left on the pitch or technical area as this can lead to the removal of surface fibres . Adhesive tapes should be kept in the dugouts then removed with other playing equipment and disposed of in the dressing room after the game. No chewing gum or cigarettes are permitted. The whole site is a ‘No Smoking Area’, excepting the small designated area between the end of the main stand and the tea hut.

There are also important safety instruction for all hirers and their participants at the AJN Stadium.

For safety and smooth changeover of booked sessions and matches ALL users of the main pitch must enter and leave the pitch by either of the two specific gateways that are adjacent to the main changing rooms (1&2). Under no circumstances should players climb the pitch boundary walls or fences. On match days only, goalkeepers may access footballs behind the goals through the open fencing sections. Spectators at training sessions should view the event from the seated area in the stand or from inside the Clubhouse, if the latter is open. Except on match days, use of the pathways, other than the main access lane, is prohibited for spectators.

In the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency in the Clubhouse, then there is a tested fire extinguisher in the area by the telephone accessed from the bar. There are two emergency fire doors from the Clubhouse. One is at the far end of the skittle alley section and the other is at the end of the corridor containing the toilets. The doors are opened by pushing down the crash bar.

In such an emergency, please leave the site in an orderly fashion via the entrance lane and the main Green entrance gates or the adjacent turnstile side gate. If this is not possible for any unforeseen reason, visitors should assemble in the centre circle of the pitch and await instructions from the emergency services that would be attending the incident. (This is the only occasion when spectators are permitted to enter the main pitch without the required footwear).

When leaving the car park, please do so carefully and do not obstruct any arriving or attending emergency vehicles.

Issued by Brea-Avalon LLP, the Management Company for the AJN Stadium, Keynsham.